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What is Colondot?

Colondot is the personal domain of Matthew Byng-Maddick, though there are now some network services provided by it (see colon.colondot.net's webpage). You can also register domains through colondot (though this is a partnership with Chris Andrews at nodnol.org).

Why Colondot?

At the time, there were a large number of punctuation-based domains which I had come across: slashdot, dotat.at, and others, and it seemed that it was a nice idea. It has proved to be interesting to try and communicate email addresses within it over the phone as a result.

Of course the other driving force was that domains such as byng.com and mbm.com were already taken at the time.

Who is Matthew Byng-Maddick?

Matthew is just this random guy, you know?

More seriously, there's lots more on the personal pages.

Why is he so anti-spam?

After several years of getting increasingly large amounts of junk mail on the internet, it seemed reasonable to start getting fed up with the deluge.

The first foray was a a spam filter written in the forward-file language of the Exim Mail Transport Agent. This ended up trapping a fair bit, but is a little out of date, where such systems as SpamAssassin exist.

The current effort is to run a programme called SAUCE on the mail handling systems. SAUCE is an SMTP filter running in front of the main MTA. It does some advanced teergrube and some clever tricks to try and foil spammers. If your mail gets rejected by this, please re-send it to colondot's postmaster.

As part of the tricks that SAUCE does, it can auto-blacklist if you send mail to certain invalid addresses. Please do NOT email any of: <nvn@colondot.net>, <r5vgw178@colondot.net> or <a1rt1b5q2@chiark.greenend.org.uk>, as they exist to trap automated systems scanning for emails on web pages. If you send them mail, you will not be able to send mail to this machine.

Instead, you should email me at <mbm@colondot.net> which is my real email address.

Hosted on colon.colondot.net.

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Contact <webmaster@colondot.net> for more information about this site, or <plunder@colondot.net> if you want not to be able to send any more mail to this machine.