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Who am I?

I'm one of these geek types who has spent far too much of his life playing with computers. I probably started programming when I was about 8, so around 16 or 17 years ago, but then it was in BASIC. These days it is in either Perl or C, but with the occasional other language as the chance to use it arises. Hanna suggested that people should do this questionnaire so perhaps that will help you in understanding me, if that is your goal.

What have I done with my life?

I lived in Cambridge for 3 years, pretending to study for my degree, and I got it (just!), but spent more time actually running a multi-user linux box (brain.sel.cam.ac.uk) for myself and my friends. I couldn't kick the habit, but I decided to try out FreeBSD instead, so now I'm running another one (colon.colondot.net). As a result of doing this, colon actually runs the Cam.pm mailing lists and websites, and I'm an active contributor to them, as well as being the evil person who sets the programming contests.

You can see my CV in HTML format, or in PDF format. I live and work in London, UK, and I work as a programmer for Venda Ltd.

How can you contact me?

You probably don't want to, but if you really do, then you can email me at <mbm@colondot.net>. If you want to send me encrypted mail, you will probably need my pgp key, available also from the keyservers as keyid 0x8868cff7d9c1eb11.

If you don't use pgp or gpg because you don't think you understand it, I have written a quick guide to the most common operations in gpg here. You can download gpg from the GNU Privacy Guard main site. I have also written a guide to the trust model used by GPG and PGP.

Other sites.

For a few photos of people and places, you can look at my random photography site at photo.pho.be, where I put pictures I like. (A lot of these will be quite low resolution, due to the nature of the digital camera I have and use).

What else?

I play the guitar (which is my other main passion apart from my computers). I currently have three guitars, although only one that I actually play with any regularity, which is a "sonic blue" Fender Stratocaster Plus.

I've recently got into poi, and spinning things. More information as to what this is is available from the Home of Poi site.

I'm quite anti-spam, I don't like getting junk mail in my email box - I read quite a lot down a modem, so it annoys me. I have therefore written a mail filter in the Exim forward file language. You can see my mailfilter here.

If you're interested, you can also see my gangsta name generator, and its source code here

If you're still interested, you can also see my signature quotes file.

I have kept an online copy of my Selwyn yearbook entry :

He is famed for: having at least one brain.sel
In 10 years time he will be: anywhere but Cambridge.
He will most likely end up in court for: being a power drain on the National Grid.
Matthew's life revolves around electrical appliances. When not strumming (on his guitar), he is trying not to be a "wannabe CompSci" and fiddling with his hard drive. At all other times he can be found consuming tea at his personal counselling service on the ground floor of I. He is well-known amongst his friends for the interesting things he can do with fruit and vegetables, especially the fermented variety: his room is known for having an alternative to the College Bar. Matthew has many other obsessions, amongst them Real Coffee, Dire Straits, Formula 1 and Drop the Dead Donkey - in fact, the only thing he doesn't do is work.

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