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Currently, I own 12 computers, but a few more were stolen off me in November 2001.

  Processor(s) RAM Disk OS Function
colon.colondot.net Intel Pentium 3 866 1GB 18.1GB (s/w RAID1) FreeBSD -STABLE General purpose, internet accessible server
pipe.semi.colondot.net AMD 486 DX4 120 48MB 10GB FreeBSD -STABLE Firewall and home wireless access point
full-stop.semi.colondot.net Intel P3 450 384MB 10GB Debian GNU/Linux (unstable) and Windows '98 General purpose workstation
apostrophe.semi.colondot.net AMD K6 200 N/A N/A N/A General purpose scratch box
asterisk.semi.colondot.net 2x 50MHz SuperSparc 176MB 4GB Debian GNU/Linux (stable) General purpose house server
caret.semi.colondot.net 2x 60MHz SuperSparc 128MB 4GB Solaris 8 General purpose house server, and soon to be firewall
underscore.semi.colondot.net 2x 40MHz SuperSparc 128MB 10GB Solaris 8 General purpose workstation, the only sparc I have with a graphics card
dash.semi.colondot.net 68040 48MB 2GB MacOS 7.5 Web and email terminal
tilde.semi.colondot.net 66MHz Blue Lightning 48MB 2GB FreeBSD -STABLE console server (has a 4-port serial card in it)
<no name> 16MHz 68030 12MB 500MB MacOS 7.1 This is a PowerBook Duo 210 that I had from new, it barely powers up any more, unfortunately
comma.semi.colondot.net Intel Mobile Pentium 3 700 256MB 20GB Debian GNU/Linux (unstable) workstation-laptop (I had a previous incarnation which was one of the machines stolen from me). This one, however, although looking approximately the same, has a better screen, and faster internals
<no name> not sure 4MB N/A PalmOS This was a Palm IIIx, but got stolen when the original comma was
equals.semi.colondot.net 250MHz PowerPC 601 64MB N/A AIX 4.3 (not installed yet) equals is an as-yet uninstalled RS/6000-250

I also own two serial terminals, a Newbury Data (with a broken send line) and a Digital VT420, as well as random things such as a 3-com SuperStackII with an FDDI interface, 2 FDDI concentrators, and lots of cable. There's also a cisco 2501 16/16 (less-than.semi.colondot.net) with its two serials and 10base-T ethernet, running IOS 12.1. I also have my own ADSL modem (an ASUS 6000EV).

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