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A dirsearch lookup for exim

Important Note
If you downloaded this patch before 8 Nov 2001, there is a potential hole due to incorrect length checking, which can let a shorter domain match where it shouldn't have. (eg. lexical.org would have matched a lexical.org.uk local domain). This is fixed in this version, with this PGP signature.

In order to get Exim to behave like the MTA which shall not be named, and allow for just the existence of a file with an appropriate name to accept mail for a domain. That can then (appropriately configured in exim) be used as an alias file for that domain.

The configuration file fragment, as I used it, is:
local_domains = localhost:dirsearch;/etc/mail/aliases
  driver = aliasfile
  forbid_file = true
  forbid_pipe = true
  include_domain = false
  file = /etc/mail/aliases/$domain
  search_type = lsearch*@

So to add an aliases file for colondot.net, you just add a file called colondot.net in /etc/mail/aliases, and all of the aliases will act only within @colondot.net, and exim will automatically start accepting mail for it.

As a unified diff
  [PATCH] dirsearch.patch

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