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Why does the colondot system use 64-bit keyids? It has been mentioned in the past by the OpenPGP working group that they would like to deprecate the use of 32-bit keyids (the 8-character ones you will probably have seen). This is because only 65536 keys are needed for a 50% chance of a collision in keyid.

Do I have to know my 64-bit keyid? No. The colondot system will allow you to put in a 32-bit key and will expand it internally to a 64-bit keyid (by asking GPG to list that key). This applies on any form that you might have to enter a keyid.

Where do I put my credit card number in your system? You don't. Payments are arranged out of band.

Why did you use mail and not the web like any sensible person? Because I prefer mail as an interface for this kind of thing.

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