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This is the form you will get for registering or modifying a user. The required fields for this are the ones in green

% This form should be sent to domain @ domain . colondot . net. Only
% PGP-signed messages will be accepted. Your signature on this
% form is taken to be legally binding that you accept the terms
% of the appropriate set of terms and conditions mentioned below.
% Any domain operations need you to agree to the ICANN Uniform
% Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy:
% http://www.icann.org/udrp/
% In addition to this, you agree to be bound by the terms of the
% relevant TLD:
% .com      http://colondot.net/domains/gtld.shtml
% .net      http://colondot.net/domains/gtld.shtml
% .org      http://colondot.net/domains/org.shtml
% .biz      http://colondot.net/domains/biz.shtml
% .info     http://colondot.net/domains/info.shtml
% .co.uk    http://colondot.net/domains/uk.shtml
%       and http://colondot.net/domains/ukterms.shtml
% .org.uk   http://colondot.net/domains/uk.shtml
%       and http://colondot.net/domains/ukterms.shtml
% Your setting of section 0f in the template below to "Agree"
% signifies your wish to be bound by the appropriate set of
% terms for your domain. (see below for Notes).

0a. Beginning of Template.................:
0b. Object ((U)ser/(D)omain/(H)ost).......: USER
0c. Request ((N)ew/(T)ransfer/(M)odify/(D)elete)..:
1a. Notify Email..........................:
1a. Notify Email..........................:
1b. PGP Key ID............................:
9a. End of Template.......................:

% Notes:
% 1. You should note that slightly different procedures apply
%    to the the transfer of .co.uk and .org.uk domains, and that
%    having sent off the transfer request to us, and having it
%    approved, you will then need to ask the current tagholder to
%    transfer the domain to the ``OPENSRS'' tag.
% 2. The Admin / Billing / Technical contacts will be filled in
%    that order from the Registrant or the last contact data. The
%    required fields will be assumed to be the same, and the
%    optional ones will only be there if the contact's name is not
%    filled in.
% 3. If you need help please send mail to help @ domain . colondot . net
%    or admin @ domain . colondot . net
% 4. Your pgp key should have been sent to
%    pgpkeys @ domain . colondot . net

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